What better opportunity than a vacation on a volcanic island to take advantage of its beautiful backdrops and take the first steps in the submerged world, realizing a long-craved desire or following a passion that gives you great satisfaction?

Have you ever wondered how to pass the fear of jellyfish to a child, how to make a new world different to an elder or how to smile a person who until the day before was afraid to enter a lift?

The sea, with its beauties and secrets, fascinates us, fascinates us and hampers us. Every discovery reveals a hidden trait of our potential, renewing the desire to discover, to be more involved and to allow them more aware.

The baby, seeing the jellyfish through the glass of the mask, will realize how beautiful, small and fragile it is. He will no longer be afraid to drive his movements in water, rather a renewed curiosity and a desire to safeguard.

Our courses are designed to begin, certify and perfect all those who are driven by curiosity or attracted by the charm of the submerged world.