Dive centre Logistics.

Upon your arrival, please submit the following documents:

  • Diving Certificate: To prove your qualification
  • Log Book: To prove your diving experience
  • Identity card: In case, we would need to arrange some sort of assistance
  • Credit card: To arrange the payment of services

Soon after the formalities, you would receive a numbered basket to store your garment and diving gear. The centre does not take the responsibility of your valuables.
The dive briefing would be organised at the centre or on the boat.
Diving gear is to be assembled and tested prior boarding; we would ask you to wear your dive suit. Ballast belts are stored on board; let us know in advance if you need to check your ballast weight.

Once at the diving location, we would drop the decompression station to -5m and if required, install a current rope and a buoy. Prior to diving, a briefing or the latest details concerning the dive and the boat dive and boarding rules is given. In the event of a technical inconvenience, the boat is equipped with a technical box, parts and spare diving gear.

Please remind yourself that you are about to dive on a remote island. Follow your divemaster instructions and guidelines, dive with a buddy and follow the centre Safety and Environmental rules.
At the end of the dive, a de-briefing would be given to asses all participants satisfaction or valuable critics. Water, hot drinks and a snack are provided.