Full Face Mask

The full face mask is an important evolution in recreational diving; breathing, vision, communications and security have been enhanced to give a concrete answer to the demands of an underwater community always more attentive to the advantages offered by the evolution of the equipment.
Available for everyone and to everyone’s advantage; from the Open Water divers to the handicapped, from the explorer of wrecks to the people with particular problems using the traditional mask.
Diving with a full face mask you have a great visual, you can breathe effortlessly even from the nose and you don’t have to worry about flooding or fogging. La Sirenetta centre’s full face masks are equipped with underwater transmitters which allow our guests to communicate when diving.
To use the full face mask, you must attend a specific course in order to manage, troubleshoot and plan the related diving.

To enrol this course you must be 12 years old and have obtained the PADI (Junior) Open Water Diver certification or higher. Once completed the course, you can expand your scuba diving education, choosing among the many courses available, related to the one completed and/or a specialty course. If you are interested, please enrol at our centre; for further details, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please note: To attend this course you must book in advance and have a good control of the equipment.