Aunt Catherine’s bottom

In the south-eastern part of the island there is a rock with a particular shape, always used as coastal reference by sailors, fishermen and lately by divers. The unusual name of this rock (U Culu da Vecchia o da Za Caterina, in English “The ancient woman’s bottom or Aunt Catherine’s bottom) was already mentioned in the descriptions written by the Archduke Ludwig Salvator of Austria (Die Liparischen Inseln, Siebentes heft, Stromboli-PRAG 1896) and later translated by Pino Paino in 1978 in Lipari. The dive takes place in the stretch of sea in front of this famous rock, now called "Il Culo di Zia Caterina” (Aunt Catherine’s bottom). Here is a slope colonized by a multitude of marine organisms and inhabited by small groupers; you can also find specimens of Pinna Nobilis, groups of adult garfish, couples of small amberjack, octopuses and sometimes depilatory sea hares (Aplysia Depilans). A simple but interesting dive.

  • Distance to dive centre: 25 minutes.
  • Experience required: New patented Open Water Divers.
  • Maximum depth: 18 metres.