Ficogrande Pier

We are in the north-eastern part of the island, where in 1975 on Ficogrande beach, a small pier of iron truss was built. Over the years, the pier was repeatedly destroyed by the sea and patiently rebuilt to these days. Today, although unused, it is an important reference point for snorkelers and divers. In the stretch of sea in the south east of the pier, there is the marine nursery par excellence; here you can find the fry of most species present on the Stromboli’s coast. In the stretch of water that protrude towards Strombolicchio, among rocks, underwater gorges, small shoals and the Posidonia, you can see parrotfishes, groupers, morays eels and many other unexpected predators waiting for young preys to go to the open sea. Mario the Conger lives here; the previous manager of our dive centre named it. At night, from the surrounding sand, the Balearic’s congers (Ariosoma balearicum) and hundreds of snake blennies (Ophidion Barbatum) turn up.

  • Distance to dive centre: 3 minutes.
  • Experience required: New patented Open Water Divers.
  • Maximum depth: 18 metres.