Forgia Vecchia

We are in the eastern part of the island on the wonderful beach of Forgia Vecchia. The dive begins a few metres from the shore, following a submarine slope that brings the curious diver to a colourful rocky area, incrusted with marine organism. Here, young groupers, common two-banded seabreams, young amberjacks, pentagon sea stars, specimens of Pinna Nobilis and Mediterranean Posidonia. At night, you can admire beautiful specimens of Alicia Mirabilis; this animal drastically changes its form from day to night. During the day, it appears contracted and resembles a bluish cone, while at night it assumes a columnar translucent appearance.

  • Distance to dive center: 20 minutes.
  • Experience required: New patented Open Water Divers.
  • Maximum Depth: 18 metres.