Punta Restuccia

The diving site is near the village of Piscità, proceeding to Punta Frontone or Faraglione in the north-eastern part of the island. It is a basaltic flow which extends into the sea for a length of about 60 metres, giving rise to a series of blossomed platforms which wear away in the blue.
The dive starts on an underwater plain, at -5 metres of depth, and goes on among feather duster worms and groups of red and black damselfishes, until -40 metres of depth. Going down, you’ll be struck by the intricate maze of underwater gorges and the alternation of small caves and niches whose vaults, decorated with colourful sponges, are dotted with Anthozoa and colonized by Polychaetes and false corals. It is the favourite place for various species of nudibranchs and small crustaceans; the latter are forced to live with octopuses, scorpion fishes, fork beards, moray eels, congers, groupers and even rays. Punta Restuccia is also a transit point for groups of amberjacks, bluefish, barracudas and, unfortunately always more rarely, tunas.

  • Distance to dive centre: 5 minutes.
  • Experience required: Expert Open Water Divers and Advanced Open Water Divers, depending on the depths.
  • Maximum depth: 40 metres.