The small island of Strombolicchio is located one mile north of Stromboli and is recognizable thanks to the lighthouse on it. The island is what remains of a primordial volcano; it rises from the sea for about 45 metres in an irregular shape, while underwater is a smooth-walled lava column which sinks into a depth of more -60 metres. Thanks to its uncontaminated beauty, it has always been the favourite destination for the lovers of diving because here they can test themselves with various types of dives, from the circumnavigations at a defined sea level to deep dives on rock faces. Each side of the islet has specific characteristics; at different sea levels, the orange buttons of Astroides alternate and at higher sea levels they are replaced by the wonderful violescent sea-whip and, beyond the limit of the sport diving, the legendary branches of the Gold Coral. You move from bare basaltic rock faces sinking into the blue to vertical forests of marine organisms - stars, sponges, seaweeds, tunicates, coelenterates, crinoids and sea fans. Among the rock fractures you can find generously sized moray eels, groupers, corbs, octopuses and lobsters; in the deepest lairs, you can see huge groupers. There are plenty of pelagic fishes, tunas, amberjacks and sometimes sharks. The transparency of the water is such that, from the bottom, you can see the outline of the islet in contrast with the overhead sky. It is forbidden to go ashore on the rock of Strombolicchio.

  • Distance to dive centre: 10 minutes.
  • Prerequisites: over 45 certified dives and good trim.
  • Experience required: Expert Open Water Divers and Advanced Open Water Divers, depending on the depths.
  • Maximum depth: 40 metres.

Please note: Medium/strong current.