The Middle Shoal

As the name suggests, the shoal is located in the middle of the canal which separates the north-eastern part of Stromboli island and the Strombolicchio islet; this particular location, almost in the open sea, establishes it as one of the most fascinating shoals of the lower Tyrrhenian Sea. The shoal is shaped like an elongated ridge; its summit is at -15/-18 metres of depth while the eastern side, shallower, slopes gently and the western side is slightly steeper. Both the summit and the sides are rich in cracks and clefts, a perfect place for many species of endemic organisms and resident fishes, such as groupers, moray eels, octopuses, scorpion fishes, corbs and forkbeards. The shoal’s faces are completely colonized by seaweeds and many other animals; while in a ravine, with its beautiful vault colonized by coloured sponges, you can admire small crustaceans.
At certain periods, the entire ridge is surrounded by groups of black damselfishes and, when they move, amberjacks and big dentexes, Barracudas are always there, while groupers assume the characteristic candle like position intrigued by the newcomers. Carefully evaluate the current.

  • Distance to dive centre: 5 minutes.
  • Experience required: Open Water Divers and Advanced Open Water Divers.
  • Maximum depth: -30 metres.

Please note: Light/medium current.