The Pools

On the 18th November 1945 the steamship Ingénieur Général Haarbleicher (132.11 metres of length, 7,067 tons) put out to sea from Marsiglia to Saigon, carrying 33 soldiers and a load for French troops in Indochina - food, munitions, trucks, cats, mousetraps and various material.
In the night of 20-21 November 1945, due to the bad weather, the ship ran aground in the south-east of the island, at a short distance from the village of Ginostra. The storm raged, the waves tore off the trucks from the main deck and the ship was pushed on the coast, where, after 10 days, broke in two.
In the following years, people tried to save as much as they could, but the relentless sea destroyed the wreck and then swallowed it. Nowadays, among Ginostra’s rocks and Posidonia, you can find pieces of boilers, some metal sheets and thousands of bullets, everything surrounded by the beautiful flora and fauna of the island.

  • Distance to dive centre: 20 minutes.
  • Experience required: New patented Open Water Divers.
  • Maximum depth: 18 metres.