The Sciara del Fuoco

This dive site is located in the north-west of the island, near to the Sciara del Fuoco; it is characterised by a very steep wall of sand and volcanic rocks; the volcano, with its ongoing activity, releases landslides, rocks and lava flows into the water depths. The underwater route begins near the large submerged basaltic shoal that develops at a depth that ranges between the coastline and the -18 metres of the beach rock; here, the large underwater basaltic plain plummets for 45 metres, creating a wall of black rock that descends towards a seabed of sand and mud. Due to the vagaries of the volcano, the walls and seabed of this area haven’t got the typical chromatic richness that distinguishes the vast majority of the dives on the island. Sea fans, sponges, coelenterates and the feather duster worms are rare, while the animals who have adapted, survive hidden in the clefts - pencil urchins, melon urchins, arrow sea urchins, wonderful Leptosamnia (Leptopsammia Pruvoti), ascidians and moray eels.

Never forget to look toward the open sea, you won't miss the opportunity to see large fishes (amberjacks, dentexes, tunas and sharks). At the base of the rock face there is a large cave with a yellow ceiling caused by the colonies of Leptosamnia; here you can find ascidians and, if still alive, a huge grouper. This is the place where in 2002 the tsunami took place; this dive requires great experience and good diving equipment. Current: scarce; speed: little.

  • Distance to dive centre: 15 minutes.
  • Experience required: Expert Open Water Divers and expert Advanced Open Water Divers, depending on the depths.
  • Prerequisites: over 45 certified dives and good trim.
  • Maximum depth: 40 metres.