The Scirocco Shoal

This shoal is indicated on the sea charts between the north-eastern part of the Stromboli island and the southern part of Strombolicchio. It is a rock monolith that rises from a seabed at about -60 metres of depth, finishing with a broad underwater plain at -25 metres of depth, from which a peak rises, reaching -20 metres of depth.
The dive starts from the terrace of the rock, then it continues along its perpendicular sides. Due to the absolute transparency of the water and the scenario offered by this place, it is completely useless to propose a likely route to follow. The impact is immediate: groups of damselfishes open and close at the passage of the new explorer who tries to focus on the rock face not to get lost. However, the rock face is covered by thousands of violescent sea-whips; there are so many sea fans that is almost impossible to see the rock. For those who slow down to admire this show, it is just like floating in a surreal dimension, among thousands of red branches and numerous incrustations, animals, organisms and fish of different sizes and colours. This is the ideal observation point to observe the passage of amberjacks or other species of pelagic fishes of large size. At the base of the south side, there is a series of scattered rocks, where you can meet groupers and other hiding tenants such as congers, moray eels and fork beards. It is absolutely one of the most beautiful dives of the lower Tyrrhenian Sea.

  • Distance from the centre: 10 minutes.
  • Experience required: Expert Advanced Open Water Divers.
  • Prerequisites: over 45 recorded and certified dives and a good trim.
  • Maximum depth: -45 metres.

Please note: Medium/strong current.