The Terraces

The rock of Strombolicchio was originally about 57 metres high. Between 1920 and 1926, following a decree of the Regia Marina Italiana, the upper part of the rock was flattened with dynamite, in order to build a lighthouse on it. The height of the rock was reduced to 46 metres (approximately), while the large boulders dumped in the sea piled up on top of each other, creating a maze of tunnels, caves, caverns and terraces. The large boulders are now covered by marine organisms and violescent sea-whip and among their clefts you can see pentagon sea stars and melon urchins. The tunnels are ideal lairs for predators and large groupers, while all around it is a succession of barracudas, saddled breams, dentexes and sea breams. You may also meet white groupers.

  • Distance to dive centre: 10 minutes.
  • Experience required: Advanced Open Water Divers and expert Advanced Open Water Divers, depending on the depths.
  • Maximum depth: 45 metres.

Please note: Light/medium current.