Diving Safety Regulations

Failure to comply with the laws and regulations relating to recreational diving may have serious consequences in civil and criminal matters. The diving centre La Sirenetta conform to both, the Sicilian Region, the Coast Guard and ask to its personnel, associates and clients to abide to the most basic safety rules.

  • Follow the divemaster directions and planning.
  • Avoid alcohol and intense efforts before diving.
  • Make sure you are rested, hydrated and in good health.
  • Make sure your dive with mask, snorkel, jacket, an alternative air source, gauge, depth meter, computer or tables, timer or watch, personal warning buoy, ballast and dive suit.
  • Never separate from the group or your buddy.
  • Avoid alternating diving profiles.
  • Do not exceed the depth allowed by your diving certification.
  • Dive within the safety curve.
  • Ascend to 9-10 meters per minute; privileging updated and conservative decompression models.
  • Deploy your surfcace marker buoy, if required.
  • Do not leave the water with less than 50 bar in the tank.
  • Observe the Diving Safety and Environmental regulations.
  • Wait 12 hours after a single dive and at least 24 hours after a repetitive or decompressive dive prior climbing the volcano or flying.

Warning: The dive centre reserves the right to prohibit further diving to those who are in violation of the above. For those who did not dive for long time, a skill check is compulsory. In case, we would be happy to arrange an upgrade.